Circo Puntino

From Italy


  • Saturday 5 May
  • 1:30 pm Writers Sq
    5:15 pm Cornmarket
  • Sunday 6 May
  • 1:15 pm Cotton Court
    3:30 pm St Anne’s SQ
  • Monday 7 May
  • 2:30 pm Writers Sq
    4:45 pm St Anne’s SQ

Gregor and Katjusha are famous stars of the old Italian circus. He (the secret dream of every housewife) juggles everyday objects with breathtaking skill, and balances on the three-wheeled Giraffe Unicycle. She (the enigmatic star of the show) performs spectacular tricks on the German Wheel. You (the beautiful people of Belfast) are their admiring audience for this poetic and surreal show with a flaming finale.