Martin Bigpig

From UK


  • Saturday 5 May
  • 2:15 pm St Anne’s SQ
    4:30 pm Cornmarket
  • Sunday 6 May
  • 3:30 pm Bank Square
  • Monday 7 May
  • 2:30 pm Cotton Court

Martin BigPig is back! We should be giving him a loyalty card. A warm and witty favourite among Festival-goers, he and his magnificent beard are returning once again to make us laugh.

A trivia fact about Martin: his photograph is featured on the board of the Genus Edition of Trivial Pursuit, where he is seen wearing a leotard. Just in case you were wondering where you’d seen him before.

Get a double dose of the tweedy stuff by coming along to the Big Finish at the end of each day, where compere Martin will attempt to wrangle a bunch of circus performers into some sort of order.