Mysteries & Drolls

Within this year’s Festival of Fools we are publicly launching Mysteries & Drolls, a three year cooperative project funded by the EU CREATIVE EUROPE programme.


The project will explore the origins of street theatre, the mystery plays, the tradition of the jester and buffoon, the sacred and profane. The companies will promote workshops for artists and explore creating contemporary performances with more narrative based street theatre. These will be showcased in the Mercantia Festival, Italy in 2019 and Festival of Fools, Belfast in 2020.

The 5 partner companies are: Mercantia Festival (Municipality of Certaldo, Italy & project leader); Festival of Fools, (Belfast UK); the production companies of Maracaibo (Elche, Spain); Teatra A (Gliwice, Poland) and Tempus Fugit, (Lorrach, Germany). The activity plan of the project includes training workshops for artists-performers, creative co-production and performances. The coordination of the project is being assisted by Open Street.

Festival of Fools and Mercantia Festival will be the showcase venues of the Mysteries & Drolls European Festival for the next three years. The participation of the artists indicated with the Mysteries & Drolls logo in this programme are included in the framework of the project. Mercantia is the oldest Italian street theatre Festival. It was born in 1986 as a Medieval Theatre Festival and market, reasserting the tradition of the “Theatre of the City”. Festival of Fools was established in 2003 and it has helped create shared, public spaces in city centre north and contributed to the regeneration of Belfast Cathedral Quarter.

A warm welcome to all our European partners and we look forward to showcasing Mysteries & Drolls in Certaldo, in 2019 and Belfast, in 2020.

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